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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Our best BEST escape room experience to date, began, like this.......

We were greeted by a young gentleman named David, who really couldn't have been more helpful if he tried! He explained everything with deep detail and his pre-game brief was sharp, on point, and practically perfect in every way. Shortly after the brief we were greeted by a busy little cherub, Elinor, who was very welcoming and set the room up as fast as Usain Bolt. Now we were both very much in two minds about everything so far, while I, Ginger, was quite nervous about the room because honestly, I didn’t have high hopes. We had had so many experiences where the setting and location of the escape rooms kind of hinted to the standard of the room and the team, I really thought that it was going to be rubbish…. Glasses on the other hand was like a bottle of pop, he was RARING to go! I had never seen him dress as quick as when David pulled out our prisoner uniforms and glasses could really get into the character and the story of the room.

Now dressed in our prisoner garb, we anxiously entered the room were a true-to-life scenario of life or (painful) death welcomed us. We were greeted by puzzles, locks and a little bit of fear. We began with personal interaction which turned into thought provoking and mild physical interaction. We felt the seconds ticking away in perfect synchronicity with our racing heartbeats with pure adrenaline. For the first time, we felt we were officially locked in and all we wanted to do was escape. Not a single item in the room was misplaced everything was thought out to within an inch! As we searched through various things to find keys and combinations, everything in the room fitted. Everything belonged. Everything was how I imagined a Torture Corps interrogation room to be.

The theming of the room…. We cannot fault. It was perfection. From the character touches, to the personalized touches, to the boxes to literally the sound and everything that happened in the hour, felt like we were the story. We weren’t just a part, or playing a game, we were LIVING the story… We were the end of the story if we didn’t make it.

While the puzzles were strategic with some being more obvious than others, certain puzzles and concealments were GENIUS. We actually dismissed a few main clues because we hadn’t even thought about the possibility that it was PURPOSEFULLY there.

There is nothing we can say that we think the people running this room need to improve on. We cannot stress enough how every little tiny thing was scrutinized and thought of. The level of detail in these rooms, surpasses any room that we have done so far.

We managed to escape with just shy of 2 minutes to go and when we did, we have never felt so relieved and elated to have completed the room in our experience. The mild fear we had in the room, the confusion, the frustration the mildly grossed out feeling we had completely disappeared and instead we were filled with happiness, excitement and our adrenalin had sky rocketed.

When we finished we practically bounced out of the room and we were met by our two lovely game hosts, who after a chat for nearly an hour, we found to be some of the most genuine and nicest people we have met. Glasses and myself have actually discussed how we feel that we kind of missed out, this being a kickstarter project, that we didn’t contribute to this amazing room.  We wish that we had put some of our money towards it because hand on heart, the room and the runners deserve EVERY bit of praise and positive vibes that their hard work will bring.

In the world of escape rooms, you have the best, and the worst. You have a bar, a standard that you expect other escape rooms to be…

The Escape Rooms: Newport… Doesn’t set the bar, it demolishes it completely. Other escape rooms need to visit this one, they need to learn from these rooms because The Escape Rooms

: Newport IS the bar.

Our GingerGlasses Fun-o-meter rating, without a doubt in our minds, is an easy but well deserved 10G… If we could award it higher, we happily would. We CANNOT wait for their next room and we cannot wait to see what the future brings for this up-and-coming front runner. One thing is for certain, this is one room to watch!

Rise Up!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Our VERY first taster: Namco FUNscape Escape Room, London & Our London weekend.

Welcome to our first adventure:

We woke up at the crack of dawn, Glasses, Myself and our friend Tom were eager to begin our journey to London! 

We patiently waited for the 3 hours in a cramped bus (especially cramped since Glasses is 6ft 2") and guessed what the day was going to bring, with it being only a day trip, we wanted to make the most out of our day and try and fit in as much as possible.

Once we left the bus we began exploring what the city had to offer, we bought tickets for a West End Show: Book Of Mormon, listened to a little bit of West End Live, had a bite to eat and discovered the Namco FUNscape! The FUNscape is a 3 floor game paradise with bowling, arcade machines, dodgems, pool, ping pong and AN ESCAPE ROOM! 

Now, Glasses and I had ALWAYS wanted to try one and at this point none were open near us (that would soon change but we had no clue at this point) so we proposed the escape room to our friend who agreed that we should give it a go... for £25 pounds all in we thought that was really good money for 3 so we went and booked. We walked up to the escape room and waited while the guy checked it out to make sure it was ready and our excitement was bubbling. 

We walked into the room which was fairly small in size, saw white boards and safes about the place and a large TV screen on the wall. A mission brief was played for us to try and set the scene: There is a bomb hidden in the room and you have just 765 seconds to hunt for it before it explodes! Luckily for you the criminal left clues for you to find and puzzles to solve. 

And so the timer and mission began. We didn't have a clue where to start! we saw a box on the table and began exploring it, we opened padlocks, played with string, tried to line up numbers but unfortunately the time ran out and we were left deflated.... and still a little confused. 

We were really let down by the fact your 'room guide', the person who knows how the room works, was sitting just outside! You could see them the whole time through a clear wall of windows! For us, that COMPLETELY destroyed the scene and we didn't feel immersed at all! We simply felt like it was a game and as soon as we were fed up, he'd just let us out because he could see us... he wouldn't forget about us BECAUSE HE WAS RIGHT THERE! 

The room itself we found unbelievably difficult, the hints weren't hints for the next section really, and everything just felt a bit 'meh'... As if the owners KNEW this would be a big thing soon and they wanted to cash in as soon as possible and be one of the first. The theming INSIDE the room (aside from the guide watching your every move through the window) was actually quite good, although a bit mish-mash and thrown together, it made sense kind of. You kind of felt like you were specialists called to a crime scene. its was just such a HUGE shame about the window wall! 

Would we try it again?... I am very doubtful, although we completed hardly any of it, it still really lacked for us.

However, it's not all bad because this was the room that made us want to see what was better on the market, this room (along with our next, Escape Rooms-Cardiff) really made us realise that this is something we loved to do. Me and Glasses KNEW this would become a part of our lives pretty soon! 

To conclude our tester, it's an overall 3G out of 10G on the Ginger Glasses fun-o-meter purely because of the Window Wall and how un-organised the room was. It didn't live up to our expecatations, we personally beleive it was over advertised in the building which makes us think it was a new thing that they just wanted to 'Cash in.'  It seemed a phase that wasn't thought out fully. On saying that the Namco Funscape building was full of actiivites and we did enjoy ourselves there for a few hours. It does give you something to do that is a bit different, we would recommend visiting the building but not the room. Until next time keep adventuring. 

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Ginger Glasses 20 Q


Welcome from Ginger Glasses to our little 20Q/ get to know us post! We thought that before we get into our escape room reviews, it may be nice for you to get to know us! 

Here are a few questions we found on line and had a laugh with! Enjoy!:


Ginger: My name is Samantha Spragg ^_^

Glasses: My name is Rhydian Ashley Edward Bowen, a cool fact my initials backwards spell BEAR.


Ginger: I've recently turned 21 (Woop woop!)

Glasses: I am a very young 22

Favourite Colour?

Ginger: I don't really have a favourite colour! I love light blue/turquoise, yellow, pink & red                                ^_^

Glasses:  Welll it's safe to say, blue is my all time favourite colour, seems I am writing in blue, my car is blue and most of my wardrobe is a contrast of blue colours, I am a walking 6ft, 2 smurf :P. 

What was your favourite subject at school?

Ginger: My favourite subjects were drama, music, IT and science!

Glasses: My favourite subject at school was Drama and Cooking, a very odd mixture but those was my all time favourite subjects simply because I am a practical person. 

What is your favourite drink?

Ginger: Ooooooohhhh, I don't know...... I love a good cup of herbal/fruit tea but I don't really                 think I have an overall favourite ^_^ 

Glasses: Now this is a bit tricky, I don't have a favourite drink but I realy do enjoy a nice Vanilla coke or if me and ginger are feeling in a weird mood, which is more often than not we tend to have a fanta mixed with coke, a beautiful taste. 

Favourite book of all time?

Ginger: For me it has to be The Hunger Games series! I loved how engrossed I got in the                    books, I really connected with all the characters and I think these books are the                       only books I have that I could read over, and over, and over again. 

Glasses: An all time favourite of mine has to be the Roal Dahl books, I love how the characters just come to life and how clever his writing was. A more mature reading would then have to be A Curious incident of the dog in the nighttime, this book is a beautiful piece of writing that just opens yours eyes to the whole world of being different. 

Do you have any pets?

Ginger: Yes I do! I have a little Maltese/Bichon Frise puppy called Lovely Jubbly (I didn't                      name him..... my parents did) He's the annoying little brother that I never had.

Glasses: I do indeed, I have a beautiful Jack Russell named Cymro, he is more of a human than a pet but he is the most adorable dog ever. 

Apple or Android?

Ginger: This age old argument haha! I personally prefer Apple... But the Harry Potter                            easter eggs with Android are winning me over! 

Glasses: Simple answer, big debate. It's Android for me, simply because Android will always update their system and will always get their bugs fixed rather quickly. Android has much more fun factor it also has a lot of free apps rather than paying. 

Favourite TV shows?

Ginger: I HAVE SO MANY! I love Lucifer, Gotham, iZombie, Supergirl, CSI, Criminal Minds,                  The Big Bang Theory... There really is too many to count!

Glasses: My Tv shows are very mixed. I haven't got an all time so it will be a mix between, Lucifer, Benidorm, Breaking Bad Mrs Brown's Boys, The Big Bang Theory, Badults, Little Britain , I can't name them all so there's a few.

Tell us one of your bad habits:

Ginger: My bad habits? I have a few... probably biting my nails is my worst, but I only really                  tend to do that if I'm stressed.

Glasses: I have many bad habits, but it comes down to one thing called FIDGETING, I fidget constantly I cannot keep still so needless to say I am now a proud owner of a Fidget cube, which I highly recommend to anyone who does fidget. 

What is your biggest fear?

Ginger: Well for me that is easy! I am terrified of spiders! I have bad arachnophobia. I'm not                  a huge fan of clowns either.

Glasses: This is a weird one, something I am not proud of but my biggest fear is a mix between getting lost and lifts. Weird I know but everyone has a fear and it may not appear scary to others but to myself these are horrid. I mainly fear of getting lost on my own, if I am with others I tend to be okay but on saying that I am getting better and facing my fears. I am a big believer that you should always face fears.

Favourite season?

Ginger: My favourite season is Summer I think. The sun, the warmth, the brightness...                         always brings a smile to my face....... Until I burn because of the Ginger Gene                          curse.

Glasses:  Summer!!, you can do so much in the Summer, it's a true delight, long bright days in the sun doing all kinds of things, exploring or going for long walks or drives and admiring the beautful scenery we have around us. 

Favourite place?

Ginger: My favourite place aside from home is probably Disney World haha!

Glasses: It has to be British Columbia, I have only been once but it was a dream come true. Such a beautful place, surrounded by a pure 360 mountain view whilst surrounded my polite and genuine nice people. 

If money was no object, what would you do all day?

Ginger: I'd probably just play in escape rooms, or sit in front of my Xbox all day finding the                    best games, or I'd visit theme parks!

Glasses: If money wasn't an object I would move to British Columbia without a doubt, I would settle down there. I woudl then buy my own theatre so I can produce my own plays and produce great value entertainment whilst doing that I would go and explore all kinds of things such as theme parks, escape rooms, ghost hunts, water sports.

What are your hobbies?

Ginger: My hobbies include scuba diving, singing, dancing, gaming, exploring escape rooms,              watching TV/films, writing & swimming.

Glasses: I have may hobbies that include, Swimming, Writing, Singing, acting, going to the theatre, theme parks, escape rooms, water sports and writing and playing guitar. 

Favourite animal?

Ginger: My favourite animal aside from my dog are Dolphins. I find them so amazingly                          intelligent and I just think they are fabulous!

Glasses:  It has to be a dolphin, I find them beatiful mamals and so clever. They are very smart and beautiful to watch, I love it in the summer and going near a dolphin spot and watching them swim around and be happy and of course dolphins are kinda blue :P

If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?

Ginger: Oh! I'd pick either invisibility, flight or telepathy.

Glasses: It would have to be either invisibility or immortality 

If you could spend a day with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

Ginger: I'd choose... Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie, Derren Brown and my Glasses-                      Rhydian♥ 

Glasses: I'd go with Derren Brown, David Walliams, Frankie Boyle and the most important of all Samantha <3 

McDonald's or KFC?

Ginger: That's easy! McDonalds!

Glasses: It depends what day really, I am either or.

What was your worst subject in school?

Ginger: Maths was my worst subject! I couldn't do it no matter how hard I tried so I hated it                  for it!

Glasses: This is the easiest question of all time, straight up Maths, I am horrendous at maths, something me and Ginger struggle with especially in escape rooms.

We hope you had fun getting to know us a little! We will make sure that we have a NEW blog post EVERY MONDAY but if we can update earlier, we will!

Have a great day/evening! Remember: Every day is a new adventure!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

...And the adventure begins!


        Welcome to the VERY first post from Ginger Glasses! 

We are a couple of fun-loving, early 20's, thrill seekers who live in a small village in Wales. 

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